Daily Archives: October 26, 2011

Nederland, Colorado: Magnolia trails

We were passing through Nederland on the Peak to Peak highway and wow, they had a resturant with a big sign reading brewery and smokehouse. Naturally, we stopped. Yep, the Wild Mountain Brewery and Smokehouse was good. Then we stopped in at the local bike and coffee shop and talked with the friendly local wrench about trails in the area. This led us to the Magnolia trail system which also had free camping.

brewery and smokehouse

Wild Mountain Brewery and Smokehouse

The trails here had a good bit of variety. Over one afternoon and one morning I rode most of them. It would be great for us non locals to have an up-to-date map.  There is quite a bit more trail than the maps show.  This is really not a problem as it shows some good folks have been busy building new trail.

view from one of the Magnolia trails

I have two favorites again. The Sugar Magnolia trail that leads down to the high school is great. It’s well built with a few technical challenges and some good flow. It put a grin on my face for sure. It seems like this one was built recently and really shows how far the area trail builders have progressed. This thing is well laid out and should be quite sustainable.  I noticed a lot of blow downs that had already been cleared. Now that’s what I like to see!  These guys are on top of their trail system.  I picked up my other favorite trail segment near the camping area under a wooden sign nailed to a Ponderosa reading Re-Root. This trail twists and turns its way through a field of abandoned collapsed mining test holes. Lots of banked turns and rollers.  Then I came to a bit of a clearing and there was a little sign somewhat high up nailed to another Ponderosa pine that said Sams Club. Near here are the super fun optional rock lines. There were a few other optional lines around in the area that were all very rollable and added value for the experienced rider.

one of the trails north of the main road

This trail system seems to be a somewhat overlooked hidden gem.  It was a very nice sunny afternoon and yet there was hardly anyone there. I would certainly recommend riding here.